About Us

The Darnell Research Lab is led by Doyanne Darnell, PhD, a clinical and community psychologist and faculty in the University of Washington’s Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. Link to Dr. Darnell’s CV and ResearchGate profile.

Research Staff

Andria Pierson, MEd is our Research Coordinator for Project WISE. She has 10 years experience as a Project Manager with a suicide prevention/treatment research team and a Master’s degree in adult education.

Nichole Sams is an undergraduate honors student at the University of Washington and Husky 100 majoring in Psychology with special focus on Equity, Diversity and Gender, Women and Sexuality. Her research interests are in technology assisted, human centered and culturally designed accessible therapies for oppressed populations including BIPOC, low socio-economic status, people of color, the LGBTQ community and women, with special attention to Depression, Anxiety and PTSD.  Her senior honors thesis examines the COVID-19 Pandemic’s psychological effects on older populations with a focus on different experiences of minorities.  Outside of her research she enjoys spending time with her two kids, paddle boarding, photography, cinematography and befriending animals.